Altira Stage 3

Townsville Heights Estate PTY LTD



Altira is an elevated residential Estate of Greenview, Mount Louisa. The Construction of Stage 3 of Altira Estate, via Adri-an Rise, Mount Louisa. The 9 lots subdivision consisted of earthworks, roadworks, stormwater drainage, water reticula-tion, sewer reticulation, street light pole footings and telecom-munications ducting for the new allotments.


  • Earthworks to allotments and future stages
  • Site regrading
  • Topsoil spreading and revegetation to lots


  • Earthworks, including excavation and embankment
  • Stormwater drainage, including kerb and gutter, pipes and pits
  • Subsurface drainage;
  • Pavement
  • Signposting and line marking

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